2016: The year in review

Time passes quickly when you are busy ― especially when you are busy with something you are passionate about. Which means that time moves very fast for us here at Starttech.

It has already been a year since we organized our #StarttechDemo1 day, and there has been so much progress made already, not only by many of the companies participating in the event, but also by Starttech’s “side-car Angel Group“, for which #StarttechDemo1 has been its first public activity.

Starttech Ventures Demo Day #1

So what have we been up to, this past year?

  1. TalentLMS, the award winning Cloud-based LMS platform, and one of Starttech’s flagship portfolio companies, has been growing at an impressive rate. It’s truly one of Europe’s most dynamic scale-up success stories based on its revenues, profits, growth rate and capital efficiency.
  2. Elorus, the invoice management and billing start-up, driven by its passionate and hard-working team managed to stand on its legs in record time, and upped its game by securing a follow on investment, along with a strategic partnership with Viva Wallet.
  3. Yodeck, a digital signage startup co-founded and run by Starttech alumni Vangelis Mihalopoulos, managed to break even sometime during the last year, and has since been seeing an average 20% month-on-month MRR growth rate.
  4. Stackmasters, Psycholate, Take&Make, Pakia, DreamClass and Blueline have been aggressively following their marketing and business roadmaps, completing several demanding contracts, and attracting customers from all over the globe.
  5. Mailburn and WakeApp have not taken the world by storm (yet), but their talented teams are on the lookout for the right pivot.

Are we happy with our performance this last year? Very much so.
Could have it been better? Of course.
Will it be even better next year? No question about it.

For now, though, I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate what we’ve all accomplished this past year — and extend my sincerest thanks to the people at Starttech Ventures and to all the team members of our portfolio companies.

Starttech Ventures Demo Day #1 - Yodeck

Here’s to a great, entrepreneurial, 2017!

Dimitris Tsingos,
Founder and Head of Entrepreneurship
Starttech Ventures

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