Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development was last modified: March 15th, 2019 by Starttech Ventures

What is Agile?

Velocity towards scaling up

Agile software development is an approach that facilitates coordination, communication and task prioritization within software development teams.

The essence of Agile methodology is summarized in the following principles:

  • Keep your customers satisfied. Stay focused and steadily create and deliver valuable software.
  • Incorporate changes when needed. Be flexible and adjust your development even right before launching.
  • Focus on frequent deliverables of working software, on a weekly basis and not on monthly.
  • Business people and software developers should cooperate closely on a daily basis.
  • Prefer direct and open communication that is based on face-to-face discussions.
  • Measure your progress by software that works.
  • Keep a stable development speed.
  • Set technical excellence and optimal design as your highest priority.
  • Keep things simple, eliminate total workload by focusing on features and tasks that matter.
  • Self-organized teams produce/create optimum requirements, designs and architectures.
  • Consistently evaluate your team’s efficiency, make adjustments and keep on improvements.