What is an Angel investment?

New Ventures are hard to succeed; but it may be even harder to start. Getting from conceiving a business idea to a successful and viable business one needs time and considerable funds. Oftentimes, a new entrepreneur will seek financial support from investors. And, any investment that happens out of these efforts may well be what […]

What is a Pre-seed investment?

Startups are companies that turn innovative ideas into businesses, with significant potential for growth. To achieve that risky and challenging goal, founders need to be financially backed. That’s where a pre-seed investment comes in.

What is a Seed investment?

Financial support is essential not only for newborn startups that struggle to get off the ground and become cash flow positive. It usually starts with pre-seed funding. But, capital infusion is also critical for startups at later growth stages. Mature startups that work intensively towards increasing their business revenues, need that support, too; but, for […]

What is Venture Building?

There are so many different ways to found a startup business these days. One can go to an incubator, an accelerator, a startup studio, a venture builder or some hybrid approach made out of them. Different models best fit different cases, though. That means, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a startup. At the […]

What is Customer Development?

One of the most prominent problems for a newly found startup company is identifying a problem that’s worth solving for customers that make up a considerable amount of the market. That goes to say, they need to be able to build a viable and scalable business around the solution to said problem. In other words, […]

What is Design Thinking?

The word ‘design’ might seem misleading at first, however, Design Thinking is not just about designing — at least not in the strict sense of the word; nor just for designers. In recent years, people from every walk of life, and every profession or discipline, have been adopting this mindset. 

What is Agile Development?

Agile Development was created in an attempt to pivot from traditional and rigid project management and software development models, like the Waterfall model that could not keep up with the speed and flexibility of the digital revolution. Today, most tech businesses practice one or more Αgile frameworks in their software development processes; in order to […]

What is a Lean Startup?

Building a business around a product that hasn’t yet been built is not an easy task; not to mention, the nuances pertinent to the different aspects of a model that works. In the past few decades, when a project — or product — was about to start, people would have to build an exhaustive description […]

What is the MVIF?

We’ve often observed large, unjustified funding rounds taking place all over the startup world. Oftentimes, this is, essentially, the equivalent of “free money”. Startups are raising funds at insanely high valuations. But, are there any realistic prospects of success and profitability? Our experience says, not as often as you might think. That’s why we need […]

What is a pitch deck and who is it for?

Startup businesses, especially SaaS startups, need a way to consolidate their ideas before they put in the respective effort to build their product or service. They need to be able to communicate — or pitch — their vision to investors, to their team and co-founders, to their partners and to their customers. To efficiently do […]