Not just financing, but also investing our entrepreneurial drive necessary for your business to scale up

As an experienced business accelerator and incubator, we provide you with all the necessary infrastructure to help your startup gain momentum and grow.

We aim getting startups from a pre-product/pre-revenue stage to successfully closing a Series-A round or achieving sustainable profitability.

In other words, we shall be your companions along the journey from prototype to scale up.

Our preferences

Being there early
We prefer to be the first (or among the first) investors to your startup.

Equity financing
Since we believe in your company, we want to be part of its growth from the very beginning.

Tech Startups
We don’t invest in startups that “also do” software, but rather on those for which software is central to their business model.

Investing in teams
We prefer startups that balance their strategy by having at least one business and one technology partner.

Our Process

Your business model should be scalable, or at least have the potential of being one.

We love working with teams who embrace agile methodologies in their product development and beyond.

Your focus should be on a specific major market (industries/countries), or a broader international market.

We are currently fully invested.
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