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Why work for a Starttech company?

  • ✅ Enjoy the upside of a startup with the job security of a large organization
  • ✅ All employees get stock options
  • ✅ Take advantage of an unparalleled personal development program …and much more to discover!

Work with Starttech Ventures

We partner as co-founders with like-minded entrepreneurs and we provide financial resources, infrastructure, a vast and dedicated team of highly skilled and specialized professionals as well as our focus, know-how, energy and entrepreneurial drive in order to travel the journey from inception to scaling-up.

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If you’re a software developer or engineer, based in the East Mediterranean, join our special hiring program and find great job opportunities in Greece. 

What are we up to?

We specialize in early stage B2B SaaS companies targeting the US market and we focus on founders from the Eastern Mediterranean and SE Europe.

Why this works

We see entrepreneurship as both an art and a science. That’s why we identify as Lean Startup and Design Thinking aficionados. And we work with the Agile engineering and Customer Development methodologies as our guides.

Of course, we consider the economy of knowledge, creativity and cooperation as a catalyst for positive change all around the world. And, we’d like to share it with you!

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