Development and Quality – The New Alliance New National Developmental Education Policy

Starttech Ventures is excited to host a series of comprehensive workshops with Michalis Charalampidis a Greek politician, sociologist and author. He studied Political and Economic Sciences with a postgraduate degree in sociology. The series will be titled “DEVELOPMENT AND QUALITY – THE NEW ALLIANCE: New National Developmental Education Policy” 

The program consists of eight lectures with the following themes:

  1. Cities – Countryside – Land – Place – Networks – Culture – Symbols – Aesthetics – Masters
  2. Urban and Regional Education – New Greek Geographical and Urban Policy
  3. Building a Quality Local Tourism System – The Case of Greek Places
  4. The New Eastern Issue – The Solution to the Turkish Problem Today – New Greek Foreign Policy 
  5. From Assassination to the Renaissance of Politics
  6. Productive Memory and Modern Development
  7. Agrarianism New Ruralism – Architecture and Gastronomic Renaissance
  8. Symbolic Capital

The lectures will take place at Starttech Ventures offices on the first Tuesday of each month, starting from Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 18:00. The duration will be two hours, including sufficient time for questions and answers, as well as open discussion. The lecturer for the lectures will be the intellectual and politician Michalis Charalampidis. A brief biography follows:

“He studied Political-Economic Sciences and Sociology at the University of Rome. For decades, he was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Union for ‘Rights and Liberation of Peoples,’ an international non-governmental organization for human rights recognized by the UN. From its founding until 1999, when he left it, it constituted a critical alternative proposal for the course of PASOK, which was historically justified.”

Some of his books include: “Αγροφιλία – Αγροτική Αναγέννηση – Νέα Αγροτικότητα”,“Πόλεων και Τόπου Παιδεία”, “Ελληνική Πολιτική Παιδεία – Η Πολιτική ως Ανώτερη Τέχνη”, “Νέα Αναπτυξιακή Παιδεία – Η ανάκτηση του Ελληνικού Τρόπου”, “Καλαβρία – Η Βαθεια Ελλάδα”, Η Δολοφονία της Πολιτικής – Ο Μεταπολιτευτικός εκφυλισμός της – Το δικό μου εγκώμιο στην πολιτική”. The author regularly contributes to the blog

The program is aimed at employees of the companies in the Starttech Ventures portfolio ( and follows previous themes ranging from neural networks and quantum computers to philosophy and modern management & leadership.

Members of the public are welcome to attend after expressing their intention at the email address