Fellow members of the Scale-up Greece meetup,

Our meetup is making a grand return, as well as our debut for 2024, with out most important event to date: We are hosting Daniel Isenberg at 1 Likourgou Street, 2nd Floor Athens on Thursday March 7th, 2024, at 6pm.

Scale-up Greece with Daniel Isenberg

Dan is a renowned entrepreneur, investor and academic. Most importantly however is the person who actually pointed out the significance of scale-ups for an entrepreneurship ecosystem and rigorously studied the concept with scale-ups around the World. It is fair to say that he basically initiated what is now the Scale-Up movement.

ps. Being that “Tsiknopempti” is celebrated on that Thursday, we shall of course offer Grilled Meat to the event participants, paired with fabulous wine of the Kastriti Winery.


Daniel Isenberg

Daniel Isenberg has been a thought and practice leader in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ecosystems since the 1980s and has led the development of the Scale Up® methodology for economic growth and broad-based prosperity.

Dan was a professor at the Harvard Business School for 11 years where he pioneered education in international entrepreneurship. Since 2010 an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, from 1987-2005 Dan was an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship teacher and venture capitalist in Israel and since has made investments in over 40 technology startups in the US, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, as well as six VC funds in Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia, and China. Dan authored Worthless Impossible and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value (Harvard Business Review Press 2013) and over 35 digital and print articles on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the Harvard Business Review. He has been featured in the Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. Dan and the Scale Up team have founded and directed Manizales-MasScale Up Milwaukee, Scale Up Rio, Scale Up Atlantic Canada,  Scale Up Trinidad and Tobago, and ScaleratorNEO. Dan has conducted World Economic Forum events at Davos, Africa, Europe, Latin America and China, guest lectured at the Harvard Kennedy School where he was also an associate of the Growth Lab (2016-2017), and he guest lectures at MIT. In 2012 Mikhail Gorbachev awarded Dan the Pio Manzu Award for “Innovations in Economic Development.”

Dan holds the Ph.D. degree in social psychology from Harvard University. Dan is co-organizer of the MBL Project on Histones and Chromatin and is an MBL Society Fellow. Dan enjoys salsa dancing (On2), collecting wine, art and fishing. Nevertheless, he is most excited about spending time with his four kids and his three grandchildren, helping his over two dozen active devil investments grow, and by being surprised by what entrepreneurs around the world can accomplish.