eFront and Ethicability indeed! Facing the current HR challenges, organizations nowadays seem to invest even more on investigating leadership mistakes.

To Ιnspire and be inspired by eFront & Ethicability®

The focus is on mistakes that create direct or indirect cost and reduce productivity. Words like stress, doubt, psychological problems, concern usually come together with figures that are closely related with the unsafe economic reality of today..

Wishful thinking is never enough

The 8th People Management Executive Seminar, took place in Athens on October the 24th. Unreasonable wishful thinking and magic recipes for the cure of business mistakes were not the issue. World famous HR influencers like Stephen Bevan, Dr. Finian Buckley, Linda Holbeche and Chris Roebuck addressed the audience at the Seminar. They stressed out it is never too late for leaders to switch their way of thinking and follow other successful examples. Especially when things turn difficult and “riders on the storm” are urgent (as Chris Roebuck quoted).

Timing is perfect for eFront and Psycholate

It also became clear among executives during the seminar that shifting to more sustainable “human friendly” solutions in order to avoid critical mistakes in the future, is inevitable. Thus, it is easy to realize that this kind of shift can be easily justified with two major practices.

One is to invest more on further educating human capital at all levels within the organization. The second is to help enterprise employees and management act in a moral way. That can actually be an interesting variation of what was a common practice until today.

Under these circumstances…

…it is clear that enterprise eLearning tools like eFront and TalentLMS from Epignosis (member of StartTech Ventures) and psychometrics testing technology, as Psycholate (also member of StartTech Ventures) offers it worldwide, apply with great success to the modern HR challenges.

This is why Pavlos Stamboulides (Psycholate, Psychometric Solutions Director) managed to create a huge impact on the audience during his speech at the Executive Seminar.

The exact title of his input was: “Ethicability®: A Tool To Return to True Values”

It is a moral framework for designing and delivering Leadership and Business Ethics education programs, accompanied by the questionnaire MoralDNA™. However, it is not compliance training. It aims to touch hearts. To energize people to return to the real moral values, to provide a concrete framework for resolving ethical dilemmas. Used by leading global financial institutions and oil organizations; either because they wish to continue to exist after 50 years, or because they experienced catastrophic events that started from moral laxity.

On the other hand

eFront suggests the most effective Learning Management System, offering enterprises the ultimate solution with respect to people training!

People Management is definitely not an easy task. Sustainable solutions however are out there! Leaders should make their managers “entrepreneurs”(Roebuck’s input), trust should be re-built (Buckley’s key message); and employees re-engaged (Hoelbech’s point).
This critical balance includes that being good is also good for the business….


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