Dimitris Tsingos, StartTech Ventures CEO and President of Hellenic Startups Association will discuss the Role of Internet in Greece’s economy with Greek Members of The European Parliament (MEPs), on May 15th at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

This important meeting is supported by Google and is organized by Professor Ioannis Tsoukalas, Member of the European Parliament. Greek MEPs will be joined by executives from important hi-tech companies in order to discuss all issues related to the use of Internet for Greece’s re-growth. Click more to read out PR.

Also, during the event participants (MEPs and company executives) will be presented the results of a relevant research conducted by Boston Consulting Group.

Dimitris Tsigos
Dimitris Tsingos

Check out our PR (in Greek)

Our CEO Dimitris Tsingos is invited to discuss “The Role of Internet in Greece’s economy and reform” with Greek MEPs from StartTech Ventures


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