Starttech Ventures will be in Cape Town, South Africa this time round. We’re taking part in the 4th annual African Angel Investor Summit – #AAIS20174.

4th Annual African Angel Investor Summit in Cape Town

African Angel Investor Summit – Cape Town, here we come!

Why we will be in Cape Town for the 4th annual African Angel Investor Summit – #AAIS20174? Because it promises to be a great event, since the region offers incredibly fertile ground for early stage investment. Few places in the world are heading for immediate rapid across-the-board growth than Africa.

An exclusive investor-only event, hosted at Workshop17 in Cape Town, it provides a unique opportunity for networking with the most influential thought leaders in the early stage investment space and to plug into the African tech startup ecosystem.


This years’ theme is one close to our heart, and it goes by the title Start-scale-exit, F(o)unding Great Startup Teams Poised For Global Success. It focuses on the role investors play in working with startup teams to scale internationally, and ultimately exit. Among the key topics are the following:

  • expanding from Africa to the world;
  • building international syndicates;
  • taking startup teams from idea to exit;
  • angels exiting to VC’s.

We will be on the opening panel discussion on November 16 (09:20 – 10:05) discussing Catalysing smart Capital for Scale-ups. In other words, how can one ensure a more coherent interface between investment sources from start-up to scale-up? And how do angels exit to VC’s? Because let’s face it, we all want to avoid situations like this: SA venture capitalists slam inaccurate valuations by local angel investors.

Well then! It seems like we’ll see you there, won’t we?


Graham Wood Graham Wood

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