Calling all Greek startups, and aspiring wannabe startups. Got a great business idea which aims to do social good? Perhaps you’re already working on it but are stuck for funding. We have some good news for you.

Greek startups: get your business funded by Chivas

You could get your hands on some funding from a total pot of $1million which is available via the #ChivasVenture initiative and help bring your vision to life. Hurry though, you have only got until 13/11 to apply.

Business as a force for good

Social entrepreneurs from all over the world are using business to create a better future. Or to give something back to society at large through their ideas. Chivas, the premium Scottish whisky brand, is offering the chance for social entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground.

The idea is to attract specifically innovative start-ups that use business to solve global social or environmental challenges. Now in its third year, the initiative attracted over 3,500 entrepreneurs from around the globe in the first two years from 29 different countries.

Opportunity knocks for Greek startups

There is a popular notion that Greece remains a dark horse for investment. Opportunity is everywhere for bold investors keen to tap into the rich talent pool of Greek startups. As we like to point out, there’s never been a better time to invest in Greece.

Chivas can help Greek startups

Why is that? Because a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging, one that wants to use business ideas to improve lives. In effect, offer real world value. To support this movement, Chivas came up with its Chivas Venture idea. And you can win a portion of that money for your business. See the full details on the website.

“The Chivas Venture is not a contest. It is a call to action. No matter who we are, we can all do our share to build a better world.”
– Alexandre Ricard, Chairman & CEO at Pernod Ricard

Greece’s record

Greece has an impressive track record already in the initiative. Laddroller is the social enterprise that represented Greece last year at the #ChivasVenture World Final. It won 9th place, and walked away with $7,600 towards making its business and social vision a reality.

The vision is a future where people with mobility difficulties can “stand up”. Now it’s your turn to apply and claim your piece of the $1 million worth of funding for your start up which will give something back to society.

The Starttech way

The initiative is something we at Starttech admire. Obviously, we love to see Greek startups emerging and doing well. Especially ones which have social good, or what we call “real world value” at their heart. It’s central to our own startup accelerator concept.

If you do apply and don’t get the call from Chivas, however, don’t give up. If you have a great idea, we’ll happily listen. Our concept and business approach to bringing in new startups to our portfolio is unique. As well as taking into consideration the “classic” approach (i.e. funding and mentoring), we offer invaluable marketing and technical support services. The aim? Sustained, healthy growth toward the scale-up stage.

So, if you have a startup or business idea and want to apply for a position in our accelerator program, it’s easy. As long as you have an early prototype of your application, or a product for which there is a well-documented decision to pivot, then contact us for a discussion on how we can bring the business vision to life.


Graham Wood Graham Wood

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