From Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg to the latest aspiring founder, tech entrepreneurs often proclaim a desire to “change the world” with their apps and services. To make a difference.

And it’s a perfectly fine aspiration.

Starttech announces its annual Blood Drive for employees and members of the Starttech Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

There are lots of smaller things though that we can already do to make the world a better place ― things that don’t require great innovation or business acumen. Just a little caring.

Donating blood is one of those things.

Essential for healthcare provision and always in short supply, donated blood is the most important contribution every individual can make to the general health of their community.

It’s a fast and painless procedure, and a single donation can save up to three lives and help treat several patients with a blood transfusion or with blood constituents such as red cells, platelets and plasma.

It is also something that businesses can participate in, by encouraging and empowering employees that want to donate blood, and by helping organize and maximize the potential of individual good will.

Businesses, including tech startups, don’t operate in a vacuum ― we leverage a lot of what our state and our society provide for us, from the basic public infrastructure that we rely on, to the schools and universities that trained our engineers. We should be giving back at every chance we get.

With this responsibility in mind, Starttech is organizing a volunteer blood drive on the upcoming Monday (16/01), and we would like to invite startups, incubators and colleagues from the tech industry to devote a small slice of their work day to join us in this initiative.

Together we can make a difference.


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