Learning languages at Starttech

A different language is a different vision of the world

Our mission is to make everything necessary for our portfolio companies to grow healthy from an early prototype to a thriving, profitable scale up. We know that a company can grow sustainable if and only if its people grow as well along the way.

This has led us to offering multi-dimensional growth opportunities to each and every member of our teams, where language learning has a central position. Learning a new language not only is a passport to a new market, but, and more importantly, mastering a language opens a wide door to a whole-new culture, a new mentality and a new way of thinking. It is in other words, an incredibly enriching experience.

Our courses

We currently have English, French and Spanish courses available for all our team members. Beginners, intermediate and advanced groups are shaped according to our students needs.

Our team members are free to participate in these language courses that take place usually early in the morning and so right after they can get back to work undistributed.

What our teachers say

“I empower forward-thinking startuppers to communicate assertively, present their ideas effectively and inspire in them the curiosity that leads to continuous development. Learning is a major priority for Starttech and I am proud to be part of that ” Effie Kyrikakis – Language Coaching Facilitator and English teacher

 “I teach Spanish to young entrepreneurs who want to conquer the Spanish-speaking market  the whole world :)”Anzula Vasiliu – Spanish teacher

“French is the third most spoken language in the world and aspiring entrepreneurs should definitely work on that skill” Vasiliki Theodoropoulou – French teacher

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