4 feelings startup founders need to embrace!

As a startup founder you get some strange feelings on a daily basis. For example, you might feel that others are jealous of you or that you are too busy to share things or perhaps that you are proud enough not to admire others! Well, the truth is that as a developing entrepreneur you should feel just the opposite!

Here is a small list of feelings to embrace as a startup founder.

1-    Feeling like a loser: Like we have said before, failure is something entrepreneurs must also “invest” on, as it only makes them wiser. Don’t think of failure as a way to change your plans. Think about is as a way to become better and be well prepared for next time.

2-    Feeling jealous: Looking at stories of successful entrepreneurs will make you jealous. However, you have to embrace jealousness in this case. Study these examples and try to follow them. Moreover, try to get in touch with successful entrepreneurs and ask them how they did it. People love talking about their success and even if they don’t tell really everything they will give you some right tips.

3-    Feeling at ease to share…: Young enterprises and their employees often have to share things with each other (practically and emotionally)….things like the whole day in the same coworking space, for example. Rents in coworking spaces are very competitive and they can be combined with participation at acceleration programs and or mentoring services. Of course they also allow young entrepreneurs to network with other people and avoid isolation.

4-    Feeling admiration for others: Startups need talent and that’s a major “ingredient” to their success. Look around you for people you admire and see if their talent can be useful to you. If so, then ask them to work for you with benefits which you can debate on. The road to a successful business requires continuous searching for talent.


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