For some people pitching their own idea or company is hard to do…for some others it is fairly easy. No matter what…it is always important to have a few things in mind before planning the next pitch. Here is a few interesting tips coming from entrepreneurs from StartTech Ventures’ portfolio companies.

1. Tell people a story

Even if your age does not allow you to have a striking “story” from the past to tell, you should come up with one. This is exactly what people love to listen to and this is exactly what they will remember after you finish your short presentation.

2. Think of different stories according to your audience

A story is not something everyone likes unless you are a “killer storyteller”. Think of who is your audience and make the story attractive according to your audience.

3. Don’t use numbers….No one cares to remember

Like we said, a pitch is all about the story self. No one cares for figures and numbers, no one remembers them. So, the tip is very simple…Try to avoid number and data in your story.  It is confusing and pointless.

4. Avoid the “unicorn” profile

People do not expect to see a unicorn talking to them…they expect a simple nice person with potential. So, don’t be arrogant and feel free to say that there are issues you still need to look at.

5. Show that you have great respect for teamwork

You will never be able to build a sustainable startup on your own. Tell people about the importance of teamwork and the qualities of your team (if there is one). Investors will be very happy to see that you are a good teamplayer.

6. Do not just say What you do but also How you do it

People tend to say as many things as they can about what they do and what problem their startup solves. Only a few save some time to say How they deal with the problem. (i.e. what software they use, how they engineer it, what knowledge they earned from this process). This is real proof of knowledge and is exactly what investors appreciate.


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