The season of giving is here. And what’s the greatest gift that anyone could give this festive season? Their blood of course, and you can do so at Starttech Ventures’ 5th blood drive.

Give blood at Starttech Ventures’ latest blood drive

It’s all happening on December 18th at our Athens HQ @ 10.00 AM on the 3rd floor. This is an open event, so we call not only on our internal staff and startuppers, but to anyone in the Greek entrepreneurial ecosystem who wishes to come and donate.

Why we give blood (Blood drive)

Starttech Ventures is a registered society within the National Blood Donor Registry ( This “pool” allows each of us, as members within the society, to access our communal registry should one of us, or one of our family, ever require units of blood in the future.

Not only that, however, as we always point out, donating blood is a brief, selfless act of giving that truly helps to save lives. That’s why we are strongly committed to hosting volunteer donation blood drives twice per year. And the last time we did it was in the summer in June.

Additionally, each one of us that volunteers is also eligible to request an individualised blood donor card. This card operates like an “ATM card” for units of blood. When a volunteer donates a unit of blood this card records that donation, and guarantees the individual access to a unit of blood if needed in the future at maximum-priority (top of the list).

Quick, painless and hugely important

As many of our stakeholders have experienced in the four blood drives we’ve done so far, the process of donating blood is only a matter of around 15 minutes. It’s also practically painless, and extremely important.

How important is donating? Under normal circumstances, blood bags last for up to 40 days, However, blood is always in short supply nowadays. In fact, according to information from our partner hospital, the need is so high that donated blood is used up, in its entirety, on average within just three days! For medium to serious surgery a patient needs on average around 5 units. But that number can go up to 16 for a series of multiple procedures.

See you there!

Whether you are a regular blood donation volunteer, or are thinking about doing it for the first time, we welcome you to join us at our 5th ever blood drive. See you on December 18th!


Graham Wood Graham Wood

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