Ignite Athens Show – Startups are booming Greece’s future

Τhe first Ignite Athens Show took place on the 20th of September with great success, uncovering to the rest of the world that entrepreneurship can be the most important factor for driving Greece forward.

Ignite Athens Show – Startups are booming Greece’s future

During the event, StartTech Ventures’s CEO presented the company’s abilities to accelerate high-growth businesses.

Young people in Greece get “ignited” at the Ignite Athens Show!

It is common to talk about successful events but this time things are a lot different. The 1st Ignite Athens event was the perfect chance for the business community and the country’s administration to realize that entrepreneurship is rapidly developing and will soon become the most important element of Greece’s re-growth.

We must mention at this point, that it was not before 2005 that Greece hosted only 6 or 7 competitive startups with serious high-growth potential. The event proved that, today, there are more than 20 very innovative business ideas; and existing startups are able to become a real issue for investors all over the world. And that has already been in the spotlight, even among Silicon Valley business developers.

StartTech presentation was very influential!

StartTech Ventures CEO, Dimitris Tsingos was a speaker at the Ignite Athens Show. It was a great opportunity for Dimitris Tsingos to present the three functions of StartTech Ventures:

  • Seed Fund
  • Incubation
  • Business Angels Networking

…and to underline the experience his team has gained from “igniting” the first Greek student startup back in 2000 (Virtual Trip), before spinning out ten more companies and creating the most efficient model for business acceleration called “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”.

These were very stimulating moments for young entrepreneurs

That is to say that realizing success is not very far away from persistence and efficient business practices. Last but not least, Dimitris Tsingos emphasized on the necessity of the original, domestic growth model for high-tech start-ups in Greece.

We respect — and are inspired — by the Silicon Valley model. However, as Europeans — and furthermore, as Greeks — we work hard for the creation of an authentic model in boosting high-growth & innovative entrepreneurship

Dimitris Tsingos said during his speech.

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