This one is for the ladies. The Lean In EU WBAs Community’s ‘Being a Woman Entrepreneur’ free online course is coming to Starttech Ventures this week to get up close and personal.

Being a Woman Entrepreneur Face-to-Face training @ Starttech Ventures

This Thursday on December 7, from 15:30 – 19:30, we will co-host a face-to-face open workshop at our Athens HQ. We’ll review the first three webinars ran so far, and there will be small group Q&A mentoring sessions with our startup coaches Dimitris Tsingos, Ioannis Belegrinis and Aristeidis Kypriotis. Register today to book your place!

Being a woman entrepreneur: the course

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is tough. But how about being a woman entrepreneur? Is it different, perhaps more challenging? The answer to the above questions are a combination of yes and no. There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship is a unisex occupation.

But as well as covering the ins and outs of getting into business and dealing with investors on a general basis, the WBA free online training course aims to zoom in on the idiosyncrasies of attitude, character and psychology which make women tick. Because like it or not, men and women do think and act differently.

Event details & agenda

So, without further delay, here’s what we have in store for participants:

What: Being a Woman Entrepreneur Face-to-Face Training
Where: Starttech Ventures HQ, Lykourgou 1, Athens 10551, First Floor
When: Thursday, December 7 @ 15:30 – 19:30


15:30 Registration / Welcome
16:00 Brief introduction about the project and review of learning objectives from Chapter 1-3:

  • 1st Webinar: “Being a woman entrepreneur”
  • 2nd Webinar: “Understanding the investors”
  • 3rd Webinar: “The perfect pitch”

17:30 Face-to-face group Q&A sessions with startup coaches (Pizza & drinks included)
19:30 Farewell

Come as you are

Whether you have already begun your journey in being a woman entrepreneur, or are thinking of setting up a business, come as you are! Join us for what is sure to be an exciting, enlightening and productive day of learning.

The training is designed to be as informal and open as possible, so you will have the chance also to discuss any plans and questions in detail. You are also welcome to practice your sales pitches and presentations in front of the groups or coaches.

Register here and we’ll see you there!


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