Introducing the Rising Vtrip Award

We all want to feel that our contribution matters and that all of our efforts are recognized. Don’t we? No doubt about it. That’s why at Starttech we do our best to show our recognition and our appreciation in many different ways.

Startup Pitch Night by IIC @BoschHellas

Are you an IoT startup? Does the idea of pitching your business in front of an audience of experienced professionals sound enticing to you? Well, you’ve got you covered: now you’ve got the chance to apply for the Startup Pitch Night. It will take place on March 10, 2020 at the Robert Bosch S.A. facility, […]

Join us in blood donation at Epignosis

What is the most precious giveaway each one of us can offer for free? In particular, one that can have a huge impact in another person’s life? Well, it’s giving blood, of course, and as the title denotes once again, we’d like to invite you at the fourth in a row on-site blood donation we’re […]