Scale up Greece Meetup is here to stay. That’s right! Once more we would like to invite you to the first Scale-up Greece Meetup for 2020. It will be held at Skroutz , the leading product and price comparison engine in Greece. Scale-up Greece Meetup at Skroutz will take place on Wednesday, January 29th, at 18:00. 

Get ready for a Scale-up Greece Meetup at Skroutz

Though it is impossible for anyone to be unaware of Skroutz’s unprecedented success, let us entertain you with a few important details. 

Why Skroutz

We’d never question your decision to use Skroutz. is the most visited website, when it comes to online purchases in Greece. That’s without a doubt. Nevertheless, we’d like to state the obvious, answering this; what does Skroutz have to do with Scale up Greece?

It all started when the company was founded, back in 2005 . George Hadjigeorgiou, Vasilis Dimos and George Avgoustidis, its founders, had a great idea and passion for technology. And they managed to make it happen. They invested on the evolution of e-commerce platforms in Greece. During these fifteen successful years, Skroutz has empowered consumers with tools that help make smart decisions regarding online purchases, as they aptly mention in their website. And that is, of course, proven based on the fact that Skroutz is the most visited website, when it comes to online purchases in Greece. It welcomes more than 8 million e-shoppers on a monthly basis. 

They didn’t stop there. They have extended their commercial activities beyond Greece. And they went on and targeted the UK, where they have a company branch today; keeping the name Scrooge as it is known in the western countries.  And they have tested Istanbul waters, as well.

Skroutz, today

Today, the company, with more than 250 employees, is still growing strong and flourishing. Skroutz heavily committed to modern software development, sets the standards quite high. 

Another significant aspect of business at Skroutz worth-mentioning here — and discussing it, of course, during our Scale up Greece Meetup — is their innovative and radical decision to offer their employees an interesting perk. The privilege of working only four days a week, during summer. Which, as far as we know, they have been doing successfully for two years now. (I’m sure we’d all want to know more about it.)

During our Scale up Greece Meetup, we’ll get the chance to learn all the details of their successful path so far, from the inside out. Skroutz’ s founders, have definitely a lot to share with us regarding their current state and their future plans.  

And in case you have not previously attended one of our Scale up Greece Meetups, let us give you some additional hints about it.

Why Scale-up Greece Meetup; and what to expect

Well, Scale up Greece Meetup aims at showcasing Greek companies that have managed to overgrow the early startup stages and achieve enormous growth.

Learning insights on different aspects of these companies is the most valuable takeaway for anyone that cares to attend. Though there is not a strictly predefined structure for the agenda of topics, we usually aim for an open discussion focusing on things that affected and defined said companies.

In particular, topics in discussion mostly focus on the team, their competitors, tough decisions and challenges they went through before reaching that successful stage.

Where we’ve been, so far

Although it’s too soon to write home about the nature Scale up Greece Meetup’s track record, let’s take a look at where we’ve been and what we’ve done so far: 

And here we are now, starting up the new year and the torch is passed over to Skroutz, to host another eye-opening event for all startuppers. 
And this is only the beginning. We strongly believe that the list of the scale ups in Greece will grow to include lots of success stories. The Greek startup ecosystem’s potential has the smell of greatness.

Scale-up Greece Meetup at Skroutz — Don’t miss it!

Save the details for our first meetup in 2020, below:    

When: Wednesday, January 29, 2020 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Alekou Panagouli 91 · Nea Ionia (10 minutes walk from Nea Ionia station of ISAP )

Come join us!

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